Viewpoint Molecular Targeting Announces First Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients Dosed with Therapeutic Intent

In early December, VMT-α-NET, the Company’s lead drug for the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors was administered to patients in India on a compassionate use basis, independent of a planned US trial

No acute adverse reactions were observed in the first 10 days post administration and patients remain stable and in good condition

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting®, Inc., a precision oncology company developing alpha-particle therapies and complementary diagnostic imaging agents, today announced the first dosing of two neuroendocrine tumor patients with therapeutic intent. VMT-α-NET, which is being developed for the treatment and diagnosis of somatostatin receptor subtype 2 (SSTR2) expressing neuroendocrine tumors, was administered to the patients in early December. The dosed patients were diagnosed with confirmed-advanced somatostatin expressing neuroendocrine tumors (NETs).

The administration of VMT-α-NET was under the supervision of the patients’ doctor, Dr. Ishida Sen MBBS, Director and Head of Nuclear Medicine at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, in partnership with BJ Madan, a diagnostic & therapeutic radiopharmaceutical company in New Delhi. No acute adverse reactions were observed in the first 10 days post administration and patients remain stable and in good condition.

“Preclinical and clinical data associated with this new radiopharmaceutical demonstrates significant potential to help our NET patients,” noted Dr. Sen. “We are pleased that the patients are doing well, and we have appreciated the professionalism and scientific strength of the Viewpoint team.”

Under compassionate use circumstances, VMT-α-NET may be made available to qualified doctors in some countries. In this circumstance, Viewpoint supplied drug precursors and isotopes for the local production of its proprietary radiotherapeutic, VMT-α-NET.

“We are highly committed to the rapid development of alpha-particle radionuclide therapy for cancer,” said Viewpoint CEO Thijs Spoor. “We are pleased to support Dr Sen’s team in making this product available for her patients.”

The progress of these patients will be followed by Dr. Sen and her team over the coming months. The safety and effectiveness of the treatments will be evaluated by Dr. Sen’s team with laboratory testing, observation of NET-associated symptoms, and repeat medical imaging.

In the U.S., VMT-α-NET will imminently enter a Phase 1 imaging and therapy study, to be conducted at various hospitals and clinics. VMT-α-NET, is categorized as an investigational new drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Association and the administration of VMT-α-NET for compassionate use is completely independent from and not within the scope of the Company’s Phase 1 trial.

About Viewpoint Molecular Targeting

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting is a radiopharmaceutical company developing precision oncology therapeutics and complementary diagnostic imaging agents. The Company’s proprietary technology utilizes the isotope lead-212 to deliver powerful alpha radiation specifically to cancer cells via specialized targeting peptides. Viewpoint is also developing complementary imaging diagnostics that incorporate the same targeting peptides which provide the opportunity to personalize treatment and optimize patient outcomes. For more information about Viewpoint and its emerging treatments, please visit the Company’s website


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