Targeted Alpha-Particle Radiotherapy for Cancer

Theranostics - A New Line Of Sight Into Targeted Cancer Therapies

VMT-𝛼-GEN: Elegantly Designed Pb-212 Isotope Generator

Enables a nimble supply of therapeutic radioisotope with the power of alpha-particle therapy for cancer

We have developed a proprietary isotope generator, VMT-𝛼-GEN, to deliver our therapeutic isotope Pb-212 for supply to patients. With a half-life of 10.6 hours, Pb-212 is ideally suited to deliver powerful alpha-particle therapy to cancerous tumors, while representing a lower risk for off-target unintended effects and the potential for treatment on an outpatient basis.

We Are Developing a New Class of “Theranostics” to Treat Cancer

Targeted Theranostics Provide the Potential to Improve Efficacy and Minimize Toxicity

Through the use of proprietary, specialized targeting peptides, we are able to diagnose and then deliver our powerful alpha-particle radiotherapy directly to the tumor. Utilizing a radioactive imaging agent, Pb-203, connected to a specific targeting peptide, we have the ability to diagnose the tumor. Following diagnosis, we link our alpha-particle radioactive isotope, Pb-212, to the same targeting peptide to treat and potentially kill the tumor. This two-step, personalized medicine approach offers the ability to understand which patients may respond to our therapy and potentially improve efficacy while minimizing toxicity associated with many other types of cancer treatments.



  • Abundant feedstock from nuclear and mining waste material
  • On demand daily doses
      • Auto-regenerates overnight
      • ≃1 week shelf life
  • Small footprint allows for benchtop use and simple logistics – the size of a coffee thermos
  • Long-term supply contract with the National Isotope Development Center of the U.S. Department of Energy Isotope Program

Radionuclide generators such as VMT-𝛼-GEN are used commonly in radiopharmacies and nuclear medicine facilities across the world. The devices share a common characteristic of enabling the on-site production of a purified chemical form of the radionuclide that can be combined with targeting peptides that seek out cancerous tumors. Because the shelf life of VMT-𝛼-GEN is based on a longer-lived radionuclide (Ra-224), a single shipment of VMT-𝛼-GEN can be used to produce radiopharmaceutical doses daily, for up to a week or more. The device can then be returned to the manufacturer in approved packaging to eliminate radioactive waste from the medical center or radiopharmacy.

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