Targeted Alpha-Particle Radiotherapy for Cancer

Theranostics - A New Line Of Sight Into Targeted Cancer Therapies

Targeted Alpha-Particle Radiotherapy
for Cancer

We are developing a new, proprietary class of personalized alpha-particle radiopharmaceuticals to transform the treatment landscape of radiotherapies for cancer. Our unique theranostic approach provides the ability to diagnose the tumor and then treat it.

Harnessing the Power of Alpha-Particles

Alpha-particles deliver large amounts of radioactive energy very specifically to tumors, irreparably damaging DNA and reliably killing the targeted tumor cells. We believe the use of alpha-particles provides numerous benefits over currently used beta-particle radiotherapies. Alpha-particles generate more energy and travel a shorter distance compared to beta-particles, making them more cytotoxic, while reducing their effects on healthy tissue.

We Are Developing a New Class of “Theranostics” to Treat Cancer

Targeted Theranostics Provide the Potential to Improve Efficacy and Minimize Toxicity

Through the use of proprietary, specialized targeting peptides, we are able to diagnose and then deliver our powerful alpha-particle radiotherapy directly to the tumor. Utilizing a radioactive imaging agent, Pb-203, connected to a specific targeting peptide, we have the ability to diagnose the tumor. Following diagnosis, we link our alpha-particle radioactive isotope, Pb-212, to the same targeting peptide to treat and potentially kill the tumor. This two-step, personalized medicine approach offers the ability to understand which patients may respond to our therapy and potentially improve efficacy while minimizing toxicity associated with many other types of cancer treatments.



More Powerful Than Approved Beta-Particle Therapy

  • Higher atomic mass
  • Lethal double-stranded DNA breaks
  • Cell death assured – NO resistance

Precision Delivery Provides Local Deposition

  • Deposit energy over 3-5 cell radii vs beta particles (up to 200 cells)

Anti-Tumor Immune Response

  • Evidence for anti-tumor response alone or in combination with immunotherapies

α-particles are >7,000-fold greater in atomic mass

60,000 lb. Semi vs 8lb. dumbell

Mechanism of Action

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