Month: July 2019

Viewpoint Research Published in Molecular Pharmaceutics

July 18, 2019 | Iowa City, IA.

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc. and collaborators from the University of Iowa and the University of Missouri received acceptance notification from the peer-reviewed journal Molecular Pharmaceutics for the manuscript titled “Enhancing the efficacy of melanocortin 1 receptor-targeted radiotherapy by pharmacologically upregulating the receptor in metastatic melanoma.” Manuscript authors include: Li, Mengshi; Liu, Dijie; Lee, Dongyoul; Kapoor, Somya; Gibson-Corley, Katherine; Quinn, Thomas; Sagastume, Edwin; Mott, Sarah; Walsh, Susan; Acevedo, Michael; Johnson, Frances; and Schultz, Michael. This publication can be found in Molecular Pharmaceutics (Manuscript ID: mp-2019-00512p.R1.).

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